Break free from relationship limits! As your Coach, I uncover patterns holding you back. Let's identify, understand, and grow beyond together.

My Journey To Vulnerability

For a long time, it did not feel safe to me to open my heart in relationships and make myself vulnerable. Through experiences of loss, pain and disappointment in my childhood and youth I concluded that real closeness is a threat. I began to protect myself against it because it felt like closeness is always connected to pain. I stayed in safe distance to feel less powerless. I was not aware that this made it impossible for me to have experiences of deep connection in relationships.

In the context of a coaching, I could uncover this subconscious conclusion about myself and relationships. I was surprised that this stayed invisible for me for such a long time. All of a sudden I felt this urge to live and experience relationships differently and to slowly deconstruct my walls of protection. I realized that deep connection is formed when I develop an openness with my emotions, needs and vulnerabilities.

Topics I Am Familiar With

Complex family entanglements, suppression of uncomfortable emotions, over-adaption and suppression of one's own needs, fear of losing control and unpredictability, completion of relationships to parents, fear of loss, fear of emotional dependency

My Values

Embark on a transformative journey with me, where my coaching guides you to self-discovery. Uncover your inner longings and limitations, creating a new state of consciousness. Through this process, unlock the potential for new qualities in your life, empowering you to experience your full strength.

Through skillful formulation of needs, I provide a roadmap for confident decision-making. Let the power of clarity propel you towards choices that resonate with your true aspirations and goals.
With genuine warmth, I create a nurturing space where you can explore and express your true self. Allow the comfort of this warmth to accompany you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
Join me in prioritizing growth and personal development. It's my driving force, and I believe in the extraordinary power of shared growth. Together, we can cultivate personal empowerment.

Professional Experience & Training

  • 2022 coaching training for couples, groups, teams and organisations by Coachingspirale in Berlin, certified training institute of the German coaching association DCV e.V. (110,5 training hours)
  • 2019 until today Head of Product leading a product team, exploring user needs, conducting workshops for team building and creative collaboration
  • 2021 training for systemic coaching by Coachingspirale in Berlin, certified training institute by the German coaching association DCV e.V. (205 training hours)
  • 2021 Growth Manager Program by hcubed (key areas: coaching of employees, 360° feedback, team development)
  • 2020 – 2021 Internal leadership training (modules: leadership in daily life, body language, language training, resilience, introspection, agile project management)
  • 2016 – 2019 User Experience Designer in the agency context and consulting sector at Sevenval Technologies and BCG Digital Ventures
  • 2016 Master of Science degree in Human Computer Interaction and Design
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